Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Facebook, you are ruining my life...

Dear Facebook,
You have ruined my life. Because instead of taking control of my own actions, I’m going to blame you, inanimate object, for all my shor tcomings in life. I’ve given you a list. Now fix it! All of it!

     1.    If I defriend a person, it’s because I don’t want them to see my shit anymore! Or I don’t want to see their fucking shit anymore!

Yeah, whatever, maybe it was childish to defriend that boy that I used to love, but I was getting sick of seeing his douchey statuses, showing that he was so obviously over me. Sorry but my, “I think it’s time to buy a cat and cry,” statuses can’t exactly compete with happiness. I mean, you of all people should understand this….Zuckerberg.

     2.    On a completely different note, can you stop letting those hot guys I used to hook up with, post         pictures of themselves with their shirts off!

      I don’t know if you read my blog, Facebook, but I’m not having sex at the moment. It’s a personal choice, thank you very much. But shit gets real hard, when I see those hot guys half naked on Facebook, all of a sudden emotionless sex seems like a very good idea to partake in again.  And, then I’m all like, “Wait, why were they hooking up with me? My body does not look anything like that…”

    3.    People doing better than me on Facebook.

Yeah…I don’t want to hear about it, Facebook. So why don’t you make a filter button called, “bitter jealousy,” so I can block any status updates about job promotions, relationship statuses, or any status with any hint of happiness in them. Mmmmmmkay, thankssssssssssssssss.

    4.    Can you make me look better in all those drunk photos?

Yes, I understand that it was I that was crossing my eyes and contorting my face into odd facial expressions that night. But I was drunk, so fuck off. Now it’s time for you to get your shit together, do your fucking job and fix that. Get one of your genius employees to create an application where I can uncross those damned eyes in that damned photo. Don’tact like it’s not possible to make me look pretty, asshole. Now chop! Chop!

    5.    I want more people telling me I’m funny on Facebook.

Preferably you, Facebook. Can you tell me I’m funny? Like all the time? And that I’m pretty? Or at least poke me every once and a while? Ever poke someone on Facebook because you missed the human touch, Facebook? Me too, Facebook. Me too.


  1. you're real damn I will go over to the Book of Face and retype that but make sure you can't see my nice family crap.

  2. Ah the jealousy! My broke self hates/loves looking at other people's travel pictures. It reminds me of all the amazing life choices I've made.
    I guess the one thing to keep in mind is that people are only showing what they want to on facebook. No one is that damn happy all the time

  3. I need that bitter jealousy filter. Oh god so much. Like when I moved schools and had no friends and all my old friends were having such a great time with each other, WITHOUT ME. How dare they.

    And @Winopants, it's true, people only show what they want to, but even though I know that, I still get depressed at everyone's much-more-awesome-than-mine lives.

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